You can form a habit in 21 days, so, the 30 Day Attitude Challenge has the potential to make a real difference. To fuel your change in the next 30 days, make these CORE FOUR elements your personal mission to change:

  1. 1.Pray Positive - Pray everyday that you can be a more positive joyous person. Make the subject of your prayers thanksgiving, appreciation and gratitude. Even present your requests as things you are thankful God already has under control.

  2. 2.Think Positive - Start shaping your thoughts away from negativity and focusing on the positive. Don’t dwell on hurts, grudges and what you don’t have. When you recognize your mind wandering through those minefields, consciously think through successes, blessings and the fact that wherever you are on your journey its all a part of a larger process. Don’t allow negativity to control your thoughts.

  3. 3.Speak Positive - Even though criticism is a valid part of conversation, avoid it for the next 30 days. Find ways to turn around comments that could be negative and creatively speak positive, affirming words that take you and others in a positive direction.

  4. 4.Correct Fearlessly - You will slip up. You will think negative thoughts. You will speak negative things. For the next 30 days, jump on the opportunities to correct yourself fearlessly! Discipline your mind, apologize in conversation and get back on track with no hesitation.

What are the CORE FOUR